Marco Crescenzi


A Story of Struggle, Luck and Genius: the Beatles before they became the Beatles

Original English Edition, translated from the Italian.
192 pp., with over 250 pictures in color and b/w.
Hardcover with extra strong boards. 16,5 x 24 cm

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Due March 2024 / Erscheint im März 2024

A Story of Struggle, Luck and Genius: the Beatles before they became the Beatles

Marco Crescenzi, an expert about everything concerning the story of the Fab Four, traces the first years of the most famous band in the world, a period often missing in official biographies. He explores the Beatles path of fate and fortune, their struggles and inspired talent. This journey is enriched by an impressive mosaic of rare photos, rediscovered documents, and many details of concerts and appearances of these early days.

The Beatles, the most renowned band in the history of music, didn‘t just spring into existence. Their journey began in the mid-1950s when John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe, and Pete Best formed a group known as the Silver Beatles. They were simply four teenagers from Liverpool with a shared enthusiasm for American music and a dream to make it big.

Before they became the Beatles, they were the Quarrymen, a band started by John Lennon in 1956. The name change to „The Beetles“ was suggested by Sutcliffe, in honor of Buddy Holly‘s band, The Crickets. By August 1960, they had evolved into The Beatles we know and love today.

Their early years were filled with struggles and moments of both luck and genius. Playing gigs in places like Liverpool‘s Cavern Club and Hamburg‘s red-light district, they worked tirelessly, honing their craft. Their break came when they met Brian Epstein, who would become their manager, leading them to a contract with EMI.

This is the extraordinary story of the Beatles before they became The Beatles – a tale of determination, passion, and the will to succeed against all odds. As we mark the 60th anniversary of their first explosive hit „Love Me Do“, we celebrate not just the success they achieved, but the ­journey they took to get there.

As of today, The Beatles continue to make headlines, with the release of their final song ‚Now And Then‘ and a documentary shedding light on the full story behind it.

About the author:
Marco Crescenzi is an obsessive collector of anything concerning The Beatles. He ­currently works with the official Italian fan club “The Official Beatles Fan Club Pepperland”. He is also a contributor to its official publication, the magazine “Nothing’s Gonna Change Our ­Feeling”. The author has also written for the music collector’s magazine “RARO” and acted as consultant on many occasions to television programmes.