Gillian Blease

Pattern + Palette Sourcebook 3

Autorisierte amerikanische Originalausgabe.
208 Seiten mit 400 farbigen Illustrationen.
Flexibind 17 × 23 cm.
A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pattern and Color for any Design.
Authorized American edition.
Including a companion CD-ROM for PC/Mac
208 pp with 400 color images.
Flexibind 17 × 23 cm.

ISBN-10: 3-283-01130-3
ISBN-13: 978-3-283-01130-7
€ (D): 25,–
€ (A): 26,30
sFr.: 33.90
Lieferbar / Available

  • Pattern + Palette Sourcebook 3 is an invaluable tool for art directors, designers, and students working in the fashion, product, and grapic design fields, as well as anyone in the business of visual communication. Divided into six unique style sections, this book illuminates the dramatic effect colors have in design, page after color-drenched page. Distinct designs that play off eacother keep designers engaged and inspired, time after time.
  • As a bonus, Pattern + Palette Sourcebook 3 includes an ­interactive CD-ROM that contains the featured pattern. Users can select ­patterns, experiment witmyriad colors, and even print out a sample of the pattern for reference.
  • Includes nearly 1.000 original pattens.
  • Features color palettes and patterns finely tuned for eacthemed chapter.
  • Contains an interactive CD-ROM for color and pattern experimentation.