Pattern + Palette Sourcebook 1

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Color and Pattern in Design

Autorisierte amerikanische Originalausgabe.
208 Seiten mit 400 farbigen Illustrationen und 950 Mustervariationen.
Flexibind 17 × 23 cm.
Authorized American edition.
Including a companion CD-ROM for PC/Mac.
208 pp with 400 color images and 950 pattern variations.
Flexibind 17 × 23 cm.

ISBN-10: 3-283-00508-7
ISBN-13: 978-3-283-00508-5
€ (D): 25,–
sFr.: 33.90
Lieferbar / Available

  • Including a companion CD-ROM for PC/Mac which allows the user to customize their color scheme for each pattern which maybe zoomed and printed as well (RGB color chart).
  • 950 pattern variations
  • Pattern styles ranging from traditional to retro to natural to Asian
  • An essential resource for graphic designer, fabric designers, interior designers, artists, and crafters

This reference book is an invaluable tool for art directors, designers, and students working in the fashion, product, and graphic design fields, as well as anyone in the business of visual communication.

The Pattern and Palette Sourcebook is a desktop library of colors and patterns that addresses the professional’s real-world needs in working with harmonies and contrasts. Divided into six unique style sections, the book provides readers with color palettes for each section, which are the incorporated into 25 different patterns shown in six or eight color variations each. This enables readers to see the dramatic effect colors have in design and helps them better understand how to use color effectively in patterns. The book also demonstrates ways of creating designs that are distinct from one another yet hold together in a group.

  • Mit einer CD-ROM für PC und Mac, von der sich die Muster und Farben kundengerecht zusammenstellen, vergrößern und drucken lassen (RGB Farbskala).
  • 950 Mustervarianten
  • Die Musterproben reichen von traditionell über Retro zu asiatisch
  • Das Werk bietet ein wahres Füllhorn an Ideen für Grafiker, Stoffdesigner, Inneneinrichter und Kunsthandwerker.