Evgeny Sveshnikov

French Defence

Advance Variation Volume 2

White Repertoire for Tournament Players.
With a Foreword by Anatoly Karpov. 2007.
152 pages.

ISBN-10: 3-283-00524-9
ISBN-13: 978-3-283-00524-5
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€ (A): 20,60
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The Advanced Course

Volume 2 (Master Course) contains the following main chapters:

  • 61 theoretically important games for independent analysis
  • Encyclopaedia of variations
  • Summary of the 3.e5 system
  • Games for further study
  • Latest theoretical developments

This two-volume work is intended for a broad range of chess enthusiasts. The author guarantees that anyone making a thorough study of the available material can expect an improvement in his playing strength in this system of approximate 200 Elo points.