Jeff Apter

AC/DC 1973–1980

The Bon Scott Years.

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AC/DC 1973–1980 The Bon Scott Years.

Key Points
A unique record of the formative years of one of the world’s biggest rock bands.
Written by an Australian author with an insider’s perspective on AC/DC.
A beautifully produced collectible edition, illustrated throughout with rare images.
To fans and critics alike, the years 1973 to 1980 – the Bon Scott era – are the most significant of AC/DC’s five-decade career.

In a prolific and frequently brilliant run, they recorded six studio albums, established a diehard fan base that stretched from Australia to the UK, Europe to North America, toured relentlessly, and created no small amount of controversy and chaos.

Illustrated throughout with rare photographs from the era, this book documents all the key events of this frenetic time, beginning with the band’s very first shows in the bloodhouses of suburban Sydney – even before the name AC/DC had been dreamed up by Margaret Young, Malcolm and Angus’s big sister – and culminating with 1979’s Highway to Hell, the album that paved the way for the mammoth success of Back in Black and all that was to follow, and the untimely death of Bon Scott, both an end and a new beginning for the band. AC/DC’s Aufstieg zu einer der erfolgreichsten Rockbands.