Yakov Neishadt

Win in the Opening!

Opening Mistakes and how to punish them

Edited by Ken Neat.
220 pp with many diagrams

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ISBN-13: 978-3-283-00402-6
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To lose a game of chess in the opening or the early middlegame is especially annoying. However, this is something that happens not only to novices, but also to experienced masters.

A knowledge of opening disasters and of the correct replies to sharp continuations is imperative, if a player is to master this difficult phase of the game, in which much is still shrouded in mist.

Time and again unexpected combinative themes occur, striking the opponent like a bolt from the blue. A player who has studied the material here can hope for some quick and pretty victories, and it will also spare his nerves, if the opponent should wildly attack.
With its clear explanations and recommendations, this book provides an excellent grounding in chess opening theory.