Mark Dvoretsky / Artur Yusupov

School of Chess Excellence 2

Tactical Play

Edited by Ken Neat.
264 pp with many diagrams

ISBN-10: 3-283-00417-X
ISBN-13: 978-3-283-00417-0
€ (D): 24,95
€ (A): 25,70
sFr.: 33.90
$: 35
£: 19,99
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The initial part of this book deals with combinations and tactical techniques, and suggests methods for developing a player’s calculating ability.
In the second part the author analyses a number of fascinating examples, in which he examines a wide variety of attacking and defensive means. Once again, the reader is encouraged to developing his understanding by tackling numerous tests. Join in and become one of Mark Dvoretsky’s pupils!

This book is also available in the German edition under the title Moderne Schachtaktik.